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The first version of the project took place over three weeks in September 2023, with twenty one women from Islington. Here is some of the feedback from the group in the evaluation at the end of this first iteration of the work:

‘A safe environment. Real people with real stories. Feeling heard, and feeling like an equal’

‘ to make a change and to be in a safe environment with others who are going through the same’

‘I wanted to participate in this project because I could relate to problems facing women in society’

‘It has been emotional, gave me time to reflect on these topics and has been a great learning path’

‘Freedom of speaking on deeper issues with women and speaking about austerity’

‘All the sessions were so impactful and meaningful. Thank you for giving me a voice’

‘I have felt safe to share my experiences and access my own voice’

 ‘Being in touch with other women who have been through similar experiences. Support, fun, and creative expression’

‘Carrying on with applied theatre work. After my trauma I gave up on everything and this helped me get back into it’

the project has helped me express my anger and hurt at how the services have failed me’

‘I was drawn to the feminist theatre focus of the project. I used to act and was an activist so combining both was ideal’

‘I have enjoyed exploring the themes of austerity, power and oppression. It has been empowering to connect both the personal and the political’

‘This experience has been a game changer for my situation – awesome’

‘an avenue for creative expression in community with other marginalised women’

‘a creative, contained space to share unmasked and unfiltered’

‘It has been an empowering experience’

‘I will now aim to join other projects for social change’

‘Thank you so much for letting me be part of it! It was extremely healing, and the method may be small, but the resistance actually made all the difference’