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Recoverist Theatre Project - Session 1: GETTING TO KNOW YOU



Last Friday was our first session for #recoveristtheatreproject & what a great start it was! Thirty- one participants brought their energy, imaginations and creativity to the space to kickstart the project. It was wonderful to see the group starting to work together and make connections in the space by jumping in, despite, for some, slight initial nervousness. By the end, this bravery was well rewarded and the feedback was fabulous! Looking forward to more engagement and creativity at Session 2 this Friday May 6th.

Some participant feedback...

'Enjoyable, biggest crowd since lockdown'

'Bubbly people'

'Chance to be creative!'

'Kooky and off the scale'



'nervous, now relieved'

'tuning in'

'Daunted…but soon realized everyone was friendly'



'Group coordination'

'Tuning in'

'Looking forward to more'