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Joe Burnett singing
Joe in an IPT session



'I haven't the space to say just how amazing this project is. I gained so much confidence and learned so much' - Joe Burnett

I’ve always been interested in acting and even did a course back in the day. But above all it was a way for me to socialise, be creative and do some acting in a safe environment with no drugs or alcohol. I can’t remember how I found out about the project, but think I saw a flyer or poster at Better Lives, or an email was sent to me and other volunteers. I wanted to express myself and have a bit of fun doing something I love. I also hoped to meet new people. It exceeded all my expectations in what I got out of it, with the sharing and film. 

The project offered great workshops and activities that had a much-welcome political/activist angle. Some of the improvisation exercises we did were fantastic.

It gave me the confidence to go for the movie role. I also learned how to improvise, come up with ideas and work collaboratively in a creative environment. I particularly got a lot from working with Johnny. The impact has been incredible, potentially life-changing. I feel energised, creatively, and keen to do more acting in whatever capacity. If I hadn’t needed to get a job urgently, I would have done more already.

It’s made me more confident, and ignited a spark that I didn’t know was still there.

I can’t speak highly enough about Recoverist Theatre Project. Niki and Jess were wonderful facilitators, with lots of great ideas for workshops. I sign off that is that we never had enough time each session. Meaning we were all having a blast. The sharing was the final cherry on the cake - a great idea that deserved to have more attendees. I can’t wait for it to happen again!