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Janet Briggs
Janet in an IPT session



I have been in recovery for twenty years, related to alcoholism. No drugs in my story. I have had long years of sobriety. I have also had brief relapses, so it has been important to me to be around positive people and projects offering support. I’ve attended AA throughout my recovery and also support groups such as women’s groups, arts & craft activities and so on, most of which were supported by Eagle Recovery Project and Better Lives. I was delighted when Eagles suggested coming along to the People’s Theatre Group. I love being in groups, meeting new people, and, quite frankly, doing stuff slightly out of my comfort zone.

What I found in this group was a delightful mix, the facilitators were amazing, so tuned in towards us. I suppose I should be owing this and say ‘for me’. Every week doing something different but all with the aim at looking towards ourselves and relations with others was eye opening. Singing, acting, movement, eye contact, writing, working with scripts  was for me exciting and empowering. Getting over feeling a bit shy sometimes gave way to me wanting to be leading a group, ha, ha. Truly!

It is useful, as an aid to my continuing recovery, to be around like-minded people who want to stay well. AA has it’s place in all of this, but I have needed more and the IPT project gave me something that was fun, gritty and where I felt valued. I believe we all had something to offer and at the end of each session there was a buzz and laughter at what we had just achieved.


I have so much to thank IPT for, the enthusiasm shown, commitment towards us and faith…that we could put on a real show as a ‘grand finale’ of our work together.  I feel happy and proud to have been part of it all. Great memories. Thank you IPT for the journey.