Islington People’s Theatre  is an applied theatre Community Interest Company based in Islington, North London. We work with community and marginalised groups using theatre to create change – personal, social or political. We believe applied theatre can offer a platform for those voices and communities who are not being heard, a way to re-connect with the self and others, reduce isolation, develop creativity and provide a space to explore and create alternatives.

‘The act of theatre is utopian, for it is predicated upon the possibility of another way being possible. As such, it is a small act of resistance against right-wing politicians – in Britain, from Thatcher to Cameron – who insist that there is no alternative. In the ever-changing action of becoming, there is always an alternative. The changes that applied theatre might sponsor – be they personal, social or political – may not bring about the collapse of neo-liberalism at a stroke, but they can constitute an important contribution to what John Holloway (2010) terms the ‘cracks’ in capitalism – those fissures opened up to let the imagination bloom like wild flowers amid broken concrete.’ (Prentki, T. 2014:18)